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Kelly recommends that you attend the Full Length ACT Prep Course as this course is the best first step in preparing for the ACT test. After completing the course private tutoring can then be used to address specific areas identified for improvement (Kelly is not able for private tutoring during summer vacation).

Full Length ACT Prep Course: This course consists of 4 sessions and is taught by Kelly to a small group at the Eagan Rasmussen College or the Eagan Community Center. The sessions will address the tested subjects of math, science, English, reading and writing (the writing test is optional, but I highly recommend that students take this test). Specific strategies are taught in order to improve testing scores in each subject. There will be practice testing as well as homework for this course. Cost for this complete course is $400 due upon registration.

  • July 2018 ACT exam (new exam this year):  Classes will be held:
    • Monday-Thursday June 25-28 from 4:30-7:30 at Rasmussen College in Eagan
  • September and October 2018 ACT exams:   Classes will be held Monday-Thursday August 6-9 from 4:30-7:30 at Rasmussen College in Eagan

To register for our ACT Prep Course please complete the form below. To request private ACT tutoring with Kelly please refer to her schedule page and email with dates/times available. Missed class sessions may be made up during the next offered corresponding class session at no additional cost or by scheduling a private session with the additional cost of $50 per session.

Tutor ACT 1-on-1 with Kelly: Students preparing for the ACT for the first time should attend Kelly’s Full Length ACT Prep Course. Private ACT tutor sessions can be scheduled as needed to address specific subjects of Math, Science, English, Reading and Writing (the writing test is optional but I highly recommend that students take this test). I recommended 2 private tutor sessions per subject. Please visit our Scheduling page to find sessions that fit your schedule. Cost per session is $80. Each 2 hour session consists of tutoring during the first hour followed with an hour of practice testing to strengthen and solidify the new information.

For more information about the ACT and our recommendations about the ACT, please visit our FAQ page.

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